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Anchor & Crew

“Timelessly British by design and manufacture, ANCHOR & CREW is particularly known for our fashionable anchor bracelets, stylishly durable rope bracelets, modern-naval jewellery and unique travellers goods.”

Combining British craft manufacturing with a discerning modern-minimalist style, ANCHOR & CREW has won multiple awards since 2014, they believe in having a highly ethical and traceable supply chain. Taking ownership of an exploratory lifestyle and enjoying the Happy-Good Life, their celebrated craftsmen create unisex jewellery, accessories and lifestyle goods for the Modern Journeyman (and woman). Timelessly British by design and manufacture, ANCHOR & CREW is particularly known for their anchor bracelets amongst other quality accessories. In Quality We Trust.

At ANCHOR & CREW, every product is handcrafted by celebrated craftsmen to ensure their high standards of quality are met. Operating a truly ethical, traceable and transparent supply chain with materials sourced from highly conscious sources (viewable online), they are driven to empower their customers to make the right choice with the right information and enact change within their industry. Placing a great amount of energy into the completion of any design, from sketching and moulding to processing, finishing and assembly, their craftsmanship and transparent values epitomise ANCHOR & CREW.

Renowned for: Distinctive jewellery that features hand wound, certified Navy grade rope used by the GB Royal Navy, hallmarked .925 sterling silver, and natural and genuine leather. All their subsidiary materials are of artisan character.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Some brands may want to process the silver coating of a base metal, fabricate a look and then advertise their products as high quality, but that's their choice, ANCHOR & CREW won't. Every purchase comes with a 1-year warranty and care instructions.

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