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Anastazio’s passion for jewellery was evident from an early age when he learnt the ancient art from some of Greece’s finest goldsmiths. With his passion heightened and his skills honed, Anastazio embarked on his own adventure, creating eight pieces of the highest luxury and taking them to the Greek Islands. Within a year, Anastazio and his designs had attracted enough support to create his brand. From classic Greek symbols to the quirky emerald-encrusted frog, Anastazio always strives for excellence. “My passion is creating exceptional jewellery masterpieces, whose purpose is to inspire beauty and confidence".

Renowned for: Using unique textures and unusual shape combinations to create contemporary luxury jewellery from the finest quality 18kt gold and precious gemstones.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Each piece is handcrafted with precision and care to tell a story or reflect an emotion.

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