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“To me, this isn’t just a simple business of selling jewellery - it’s about making a statement and empowering the women of today.”

Headed by Singaporean designer Jil Lin and her counterpart, Stacy Noz, Alijst is a new fashion-forward brand which presents newfangled ways to wear jewellery. Inspired by culture and art, Alijst creates alluring jewellery collections which redefine femininity in a statement appeal. These aesthetics are completed with modern and contemporary designs fused with a touch of luxury. Alijst pieces are made with the finest precious metals including sterling silver and 18kt plated sterling silver to design a symbol of identity for those with a unique desire. The brand design each individual accessory in Singapore and craft in Hong Kong.

Renowned for: Bringing femininity to the forefront of each design, Alijst is renowned for their alluring collections of sterling silver and 18kt gold vermeil.

Handpicked by JewelStreet becauseInspired by art and culture, the brand brings a modern aesthetic to versatile and affordable designs for the stylish woman.

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