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Alexa K

Alexa K is a high-end jewellery brand which was founded by Alexandra Elsener. The distinctive look of the wolf, her spiritual guide, inspired Alexandra to design the main theme of her brand, and create her initial collection: “Wolf Spirit”.

Known for creating jewellery aimed at strong, intuitive, and driven women, the team at Alexa K carve their jewels out of gold and silver and use the finest crystals. A percentage of each sale they make is donated to aid wolf conservation attempts – Alexa K’s pieces aren’t only thought provoking and timeless, they’re also highly ethical.

Renowned for: Stunning wolf-inspired accessories that define archaic feminine nature.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Alexa K’s jewellery encourages independence, intelligence, and integrity. Their timeless pieces won’t look out of place at any occasion.

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