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AENEA Jewellery

Shaped by the beliefs of its three prime leaders, AENEA is a Salzburg-based, family-owned designer brand with a commitment to their customer’s long lasting satisfaction. Named after the Greek verb ‘to praise’, AENEA celebrate love and life within their sculptural jewellery, adorning each with precious metals and sparkling stones. Believing that each piece commemorates an occasion or honours a relationship, AENEA gathers inspiration from the ideals of ancient Egypt, Rome and Greece using powerful gems to explore the realms of glitz and glamour. Always sport good luck with the four leaf clover collection, Quadrifoglio, or gaze at the vibrant gemstones of the ‘Candy’ collection.

Renowned for: Their many individual collections, each with their own exclusive originality.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Relying on both tradition and innovation, AENEA produce ever-changing collections of exquisite jewellery, with understated elegance and unrivalled quality.

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