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2019's Best Dressed Men of Instagram

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Richard Biedul

Men’s fashion month is upon us. London Fashion Week Men’s kicked off 2019’s fashion calendar last Saturday, dictating AW19’s most elegant jewellery trends to follow. Pitti Uomo - arguably the year’s most influential platforms for men’s fashion and accessories - is showcasing this year’s leading talents in menswear as we speak. It’s an exciting time in menswear, especially in jewellery. From the rise of gender-neutral jewellery to the interconnectivity between women’s and men’s jewellery trends, the way men are accessorising is evolving.

LFWM witnessed designers such as Charles Jeffrey pushing the boundaries of masculinity and femininity in terms of jewellery. By encouraging men to be fearless yet sensitive with their jewellery choices, designers are carving a new space for male self-expression. No longer are men limited to watches, cufflinks and tie pins. The diverse street style seen on the streets of London during Fashion Week Men’s (see here) demonstrated the creative and experimental potential jewellery lends itself to.

In celebration of authenticity and originality, discover the ten best dressed men of Instagram. A piece of jewellery can invigorate an outfit. Yet, authentic style is born when a piece of jewellery is elevated through confident sartorial choices. Feel inspired by the distinct style of these men as they show you how to wear jewellery and look endlessly suave.


Richard Biedul (@richardbiedul) 

Richard Biedul will teach you everything you need to know about the art of dressing. As a model and influencer, Biedul certainly knows how to stay on trend. His preference towards traditional silhouettes and timeless staple pieces grants him the status of a ‘sartorial gentleman’. Yet Biedul’s ability to gesture towards modern trends imbues his classic style with unique twists. Biedul will show you how to sport suits that seem to have been fitted by the hands of Michelangelo. Think of your ensemble as the base colour of a painting - it will affect anything you adorn the canvas with. So, make sure you dress sharp like Biedul before embellishing your look with jewellery.


RKZ (@rkzuk) 

Rikesh Chauhan, known as RKZ, is the modern Renaissance man. RKZ’s many talents as a recording artist, photographer, writer, and creative resonates in his impeccable style, through which a delicate and thoughtful approach to fashion is visible. Not only will the artist’s Instagram inspire a refined outlook towards dressing, but it will also acquaint you with emerging talents within the chic world of menswear. RKZ’s eternally sophisticated aesthetic demonstrates how attention to detail is vital when creating fashion ensembles. His attentive use of jewellery allows for the creation of polished looks, reflecting his cultivated interest in menswear culture.


Ben Cobb (@bengcobb)

Editor-in-Chief of Another Man Magazine, Ben Cobb, transports onlookers back to 1974 with his original style. Cobb looks as if hes been plucked from a Tom Wolfe novel, with his retro aesthetic and authentic masculinity. Flared trousers paired with silk shirts is his signature look, mastered through a refined attitude towards texture and pattern. The few ornate jewellery pieces sported by Cobb embellish his looks elegantly. Flashes of layered pendants are revealed beneath his unbuttoned shirts, and he is often photographed wearing with a onyx stone signet ring. The editor proves that men need only a few key jewellery pieces to elevate an outfit.


Luca Sabbat (@lukasabbat) 

For those of you who revel in making a statement, Luka Sabbat is the Instagram account you should be following. The enigmatic creative evokes fashion finesse through his against-the-grain style. You can almost feel the attitude when scrolling through his Instagram feed. Bold. Punchy. Playful. Sabbat is not afraid to go big with his jewellery. From Baroque-inspired rings to hip-hop-esque medallions, Sabbat can make any trend - past, present, or future - look fashionable and eternally chic.


Dominic Grizzelle (@griztriz) 

Invest in your Instagram with LA blogger Dominic Grizzelle. Above anything, Grizelle’s style will inject your life with joy. His colourful, eclectic style is contagious, leaving you hungry for his aesthetic. As the ultimate cool guy, Grizzelle uses statement jewellery pieces to elevate his vibrant wardrobe. Follow Grizzelle for youthful and punchy jewellery inspiration. Statement chains and pendants seem to be his signature pieces, so ditch the cufflinks and watches for jewellery items that are authentic and bold.


Anders Gran (@anders_gran) 

You definitely will have seen photos of Anders Gran on various Instagram accounts. His beautifully tattooed skin, signature high-waisted kecks and bejewelled knuckles offer fashion and style inspiration to men and women respectively. The 26-year-old model and influencer’s ability to dress effortlessly in 1970's silhouettes shows Gran’s mature fashion tastes. Gran confidently wears a range of bold and classy signet rings - a trend that every man should champion this season. Layered necklaces and mismatched earrings are among other jewellery items the model will show you how to elegantly style. 


Roberto Malizia ( 

The daring and modern style exhibited by Roberto Malizia during London Fashion Week Men’s solidified his place in our best dressed men of Instagram. His elegant styling of chunky gold hooped earrings will encourage you to be fearless with your jewellery choices this season. Malizia’s Instagram account demonstrates how jewellery is a form of self-expression that even today, many men do not take advantage of. Just look at how awesome the creative looks wearing these layered pendants. I’m certainly keeping tabs on Malizia in 2019, by the looks of it, he himself will be dictating next season’s hottest fashion trends.


Alexander Roth (@alexanderdroth) 

For New York style with a Berlin edge, get inspired by Alexander Roth. Roth can rep styles of every genre, from causal sporty to Western chic, the man has mastered the art of dressing. His youthful and tasteful approach to jewellery will teach you how to wear gemstones with conviction. Take a leaf out of his style book with a bold silver chain. Roth styles chains over sweatshirts or with blazers and tees proving how a staple chain can transform an outfit both day and night.


Filippo Matera (@filippomatera)

Fashion designer and founder of Naked Clothing, Filippo Matera, is the epitome of the true Gentleman. Dressed up or dressed down, Matera radiates elegance. His debonair style (as well as his renowned reputation within the world of menswear) makes him the man to look out for during Pitti Uomo. Of course, his immaculate style shown through impeccably-fitting suits and quality accessories deserves great praise. However, from stacked beaded bracelets to stylish signet rings, Matera’s use of jewellery signifies years of fashion knowledge. Never overdone, and always in-keeping, follow Matera and learn the art of accessorisation.


Salomon DuBois Thiombiano (@ducdubois)

Salomon Thiombiano’s eclectic style will teach you how to style jewellery of all shapes and sizes. As a menswear stylist and creative director, Thiombiano harbours insider expertise for superior fashion inspiration. The creative certainly looks to the future when it comes to fashion, sporting looks that are often one step ahead of the game. Thiombiano’s style proves that jewellery needn’t always be the focal point of an outfit. Nonetheless, a look will always look polished, considered, and complete with beautiful jewellery.

Find your authentic style today with unique men's jewellery.


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