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Lace Inspired Wedding Jewellery

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Lace fabrics have had a significant presence in the wedding industry for many centuries. A prestigious fashion statement such as lace would have historically been a signal of wealth and decree. Who wouldn’t want to feel like royalty on their wedding day? Kate Middleton’s elegant long lace sleeves sparked a growing interest in lace inspired bridal-wear in 2011, and its popularity has been growing ever since.

Lace inspired jewellery, however, has recently taken the bridal accessory scene by storm. Interweaving patterns and intricate designs are the perfect accompaniment to a lace veil or embellished wedding dress. Irrespective of whether your bridal dress has Alencon, Chantilly or Venice lace, we have something here for you!

Vanilo   Selena Ring Gold   Vanilo

Vanilo | Selena Ring Gold | £120.00

This Gold Ring by London based brand Vanilo has an undeniable presence and majestic feel. The intricacies of the lace-inspired pattern are delicate and flattering. They will not outshine your bridal look, but will compliment it in the most subtle and pleasing way. 

This is an adjustable ring that adheres to both comfort and beauty. It both looks and feels amazing when worn. It has been meticulously handcrafted in filigree to create a unique and statemented design. 

Top tip: Style this ring alongside the Estela Studs in Gold to ensure a seamless look. 

 Estela Studs Gold

Vanilo | Estela Studs Gold | £115.00

Lace wedding dresses will always seep into the bridal industry, and they have been especially popping up this month. This Edwardian Pendant is the perfect accompaniment to an elegant lace dress. It is truly unique, and is suitable for a bride who wishes to bridge the gap between interwoven fabric and divine jewellery.

Top tip: Ensure that the pattern of lace on your dress matches a similar pattern on the jewellery. After all, it’s the small touches that count!

Edwardian Pendant

Lustre of London | Edwardian Pendant | £120.00

The Rose Gold Lace Edge Open Cuff Bangle by Murkani Jewellery is inspired by Moroccan textile designs, and has a series of intricate and repetitive patterns that are reminiscent of lace. Elegant, enchanting and contemporary are words synonymous with this piece. This bangle would suit a bohemian, vintage, modern or festival theme. After all, lace is timeless, and will never be confined to any one style.

Top tip: Don’t be afraid to pick bold jewellery pieces for your wedding day. A chunky bangle or statement necklace would be an ideal match for an understated dress.

  Rose Gold Lace Edge Open Cuff Bangle   Rose Gold Lace Edge Open Cuff Bangle

Murkani Jewellery | Rose Gold Lace Edge Open Cuff Bangle | £533.00

Last, but definitely not least, the White Gold & Diamond Lace Collar Necklace by Katherine Whipple has been expertly handcrafted in 18kt white gold and is inspired by the intricacy of detailed lace patterns. This show-stopping piece will adorn your neck with a regal sparkle and shimmer.

Top tip: This piece would suit a dress or veil that incorporates a heavier corded lace.

white gold and diamond lace collar necklace    white gold and diamond lace collar necklace

Katherine LeGrand Custom Goldsmith White Gold & Diamond Lace Collar Necklace | £172,726.00

Have you loved this wedding lace trend? Find out how to style lace jewellery everyday here. Decide whether to go classic or contemporary, and read about how you can make lace-inspired pieces wearable for any occasion.



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