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How to style pearls in 2019

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Pearl jewellery is one of the hottest trends of 2019. Described by Forbes as a ‘luxury gift for millennials’ having made 'a comeback in a big way’, people are setting killer examples of how to style pearl jewellery. No longer are pearls a gemstone reserved for the baby boomers. With an explosion of contemporary pearl designs onto the fashion scene, there’s a pearl pick for everyone. From traditional strings of pearls to modern geometric shapes, the timelessness of this gemstone is made only stronger through the reinvention of classic pearl aesthetics. Discover the different styles of pearl jewellery along with the top tips on how to style this classic jewellery box staple.

How to style pearls
Pearl jewellery has a long history with nobility. Elizabethan Kings even had artisans craft armour adorned with gemstones such as rubies and pearls, symbolising their wealth and superiority. Pearl jewellery has long been a favourite of the royal family, with Kate Middleton being a notable wearer of pearl designs. Today however, a string of pearls can be worn by anyone. Pearls are often passed down as family heirlooms. Luckily, a traditional pearl necklace has evolved into a trendy addition to many outfits. Chanel’s AW19 collection featured traditional strings of pearls - with this gemstone becoming almost synonymous with the French design house. Invest in a gorgeous pearl necklace this season for a jewellery box staple that can uplift any outfit. Wear with a cocktail dress for an elegant evening look. Or style with a casual collared shirt for a preppy look that’s bang on trend. Click the necklace to shop the pick.

How to style pearls

We only showcase jewellery from the very best designers on JewelStreet. We place unique designs above everything else when we scout designers, which is why we find incredible authentic pieces such as the evil eye ring by Brazilian designer Isa Bagnoli. This ring features an iridescent black pearl encased within a setting of silver and adorned with topaz gemstones. Striking and original jewellery like this ring will certainly spark conversation, so wear if you want to channel some fearless fashion this season. Style with a bold print dress for an eclectic aesthetic that, let’s face it, everyone loves right now! Or, if you want to let your jewellery take the spotlight, style with a simple and chic black cocktail dress and let your ring do the talking.


How to style pearls

Pearl jewellery goes hand-in-hand with a vintage aesthetic, so why not channel a little vintage glamour in your life? Mara Hotung’s gorgeous pearl necklace was crafted from a Victorian vintage hair clip. Featuring a mixture of seed pearls and freshwater pearls, this statement necklace commands attention. A one-of-a-kind necklace for a one-of-a-kind woman, let this amazing piece take pride of place on your chest and revel in the compliments you’re sure to receive. Resembling the opulent pearl choker of the late Princess Diana, a necklace as dazzling as this will elevate your style to royal standards.


How to style pearls

Even though pearls are rightfully changing their reputation as a gemstone for the older woman, there is still a misconception that pearl jewellery can’t have a modern feel. Brands such as Zolia Jewellery however, prove that pearl jewellery can be contemporary, sleek and striking. The fluid design of this pearl ring mirrors the root of the designer’s inspiration - nature and the sea. As pearls are gifted from the ocean, this ring is an elegant ode to mother earth and the gorgeous gemstones it bestows. Zolia Jewellery’s ring would make a great addition to your everyday attire. Ideal for dressing up a casual look, incorporate thing ring into your style repertoire and you’ll be channeling the perfect amount of luxury every single day.




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