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How to style a casual Summer Dress

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How to style a summer dress

Summer is here. It’s time to dig out your reliable and trustworthy hot-weather pieces from deep inside the closet. Dust them off and spruce them up because summer prints are making a firm comeback.  

We’ve seen an influx of patterned summer dresses hitting the shops, but we know you have that retro 80s dress stashed away. Go on girl, get your legs out and live your stylish youth once again. Let your style take you back to the good old days, when the sun was shining and you didn’t have a care in the world.

Prints make an impact, so you need to be clever with how you choose to accessorise them today. Don’t go overly detailed on the jewellery. All you need is a few accent pieces to accentuate your patterned prowess. 


How influencers are wearing a summer dress

Influencers have gained their name because they have exactly that - influence. They are the trustworthy voice of reason in a somewhat over-commercialised fashion industry. If they love it, then you will most likely suit it too.

At heart, influencers are passionate and authentic about what they do Their style is therefore reflective of everything they care about. Currently, it’s summer dresses… and a whole lot of pattern.

The truth? You don’t have to have a 30k social media following to have influence. All you need is a little style confidence and some luxury jewellery. Trending or not, if you have the happiness and the influence, you can pull it off.

How influencers are styling their summer dresses

Pattern is imbued with strength. Its bold, powerful and loud. Don’t shy away into the background this summer. Be the brightest you possibly can, and channel a fierce fashion finesse through your jewellery and clothing.

Best pairing with this floral maxi dress? A simple and staple bangle design of course. Check out our dupes below.


How to style a summer dress

How influencers are styling their summer dresses

Red seems to be a recurring colour among our influencers. Perhaps it’s a sign of the colour trends to come? Living coral is always going to weave its way into fashion this year, but we were not expecting the heat that red tones would actually bring.

Turn the heat up even higher with a pair of mesmerising hoops. See our top picks below.

How to style a summer dress

How influencers are styling their summer dresses

Slip into style realms that have been previously undiscovered. Take a few colour tips out of Ellie’s jewellery box. Summer dress? Check. Brightly coloured beaded jewellery? Check. Showstopping style? Double check.

Have a look at our dupes for Ellie’s luminous yellow bracelet below.


How to style a summer dress

 How influencers are styling their summer dresses

Travel, fashion, beauty. If you want to travel the world in style like Habiba, you need to have the statement earrings to match. Even a strong polka dot dress won’t stop Habiba from going to the OTT extreme of jewellery styling. The bigger the better when earrings are concerned.

Check out our top stand-out picks from JewelStreet below.


How to style a summer dressHow influencers are styling their summer dresses

Patterned summer dresses are great for that picnic chic look. The best jewellery to pair with this chilled out and relaxed vibe is to wear a few layered necklaces. They give off a really effortless and stylish aura.

Want to look as sophisticated as Sara? See our top layering necklace picks below.


 How to style a summer dress



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